Bachelor of Architecture

Whether you are walking around the city where you live or you are touring a new town, you will see aesthetically pleasing buildings, historical monuments, and architectural designs and structures. Pursuing a degree in architecture is your first step towards making your mark on society and in history. If an architect is able to design something that is added to the landscape of a city, it ends up at times representing the history of that place. The Empire State Building, the Taj Mahal, and the Burj Khalifa are just a few examples of the kind of product a successful architect can deliver.

Choosing to study Bachelor of Architecture abroad is very beneficial for any international student who has been mesmerized by the beauty, creativity and even the legacy of buildings and various structures. There are so many exciting routes and options available to those wishing to study architecture. There are schools that focus entirely on education for commercial or residential architecture while others encourage the restoration of old buildings and even consulting.

There are minimum technical requirements for entrance into an Architecture program that include: a strong academic record, a creative portfolio, letters of recommendation and a minimum GPA depending on the program and university of your choice.